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Note to self:

Install trailing edge CF reinforcements prior to laying on kraft paper composite – and skip the whole “clear Minwax polyurethane” thing. Yes, Virginia, I managed to re-create the whole V2 “scimitar wing” fiasco.  Shrinkage is a b***h.

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Placing domestic water fowl in linear formations

It’s driving me buggy, but I’m getting it done.  Slowly but surely I’m amassing the information I need to be able to lead a customer through the process of building an aileron Push-E Cat. If it was just me slapping … Continue reading

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End Stretch

Tick tock goes the clock and I’m running down the minutes until I actually begin shipping Push-E Cats again.  First clue that things are getting close is the cover page in the image shown at right, here.  Yes, Virginia, I … Continue reading

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Behold the old-schooly goodness…

Hey, Folks: As an FYI, I’ve uploaded the old, old Garrison Aerodrome web site to the new Garrison Aerodrome server.  I chose to do this for a couple of reasons: 1) Because some site-squatting jerkwads snagged a while back … Continue reading

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The “Lite” lamination process

So, yesterday I got it into my head to take pictures of how I’ve been applying the kraft paper laminate to the trailing edge of my latest prototype Push-E Cat wing build.  Then, having obtained the pictures, I got distracted … Continue reading

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The first official “Lite” trailing edge

As promised, tonight I’m sharing a picture of the latest prototype wing I’m working on.  This shot shows the final result of applying the kraft paper reinforcement to the trailing edge of a Push-E Cat V5 center section. As you … Continue reading

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V5 Push-E Cat News Update for December 5, 2010

Yeah, I’d put something catchier for the post title if I could actually come up with something pithy to say.  However, that would be oddly disrespectful to the amount of slog it has taken to get this model put together. … Continue reading

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