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Da Big Guy

Garrison Aerodrome is the virtual home of the model airplane efforts of Darwin Garrison.

Once upon a time, there was a Garrison Aerodrome R/C Models business that sold the Push-E Cat, Manx, and Hot Cat high durability EPP models, as well as the Positron balsa delta-wing model. That effort did not end with a long term success, but we did have an minor impact on the growth of durable foam-based models as well as a history of helping push the limits of NiCad battery and Speed 400 based performance.

In spite of not really achieving a lasting commercial presence, the work and infrastructure that went into trying to keep things going has lingered, mostly present in a continued interest in trying to push the old designs into the current reality as either plans or kits that can be construed as “hobby business” for tax purposes. Weird as that seems, it kind of fits where I want to go with this. Doing stuff for my own sake and offering up some kits or bits to offset playing around with models, manufacturing, and tech.

You will note that only this home page, the blog page, and the old HTML Garrison Aerodrome web page archive really mean much here. If I get to the point of having some kits available for whatever, I’ll set up a shopping cart and make limited quantities available. I will probably also publish plans for free on the OuterZone but maybe offer printouts for sale for folks who do not want to deal with finding a FedEx shop or UPS store with wide carriage inkjets available.

I am not going to kill myself over structure on this. I will do what I like and try to actually “complete the evolution” of each project before moving on to the next. However, real life is real life and it will be what it will be.

I could try and do all of this on RC Groups but, honestly, there is just so much STUFF there, that it demotivates me. Rather than that, I think I want to visit RC Groups to kibbitz with folks but keep any serious content to my own devices – literally.

Anyway, thanks for visiting. Hope you like what you see. Mind the really old posts. They are kind of whacky stupid here 10 years after I put them up, but they are still sort of important mile markers of intention and the path to Hell.