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Old school Push-E Cat

Old school Push-E Cat

For reference, I’ve uploaded the old, old Garrison Aerodrome web site to the new Garrison Aerodrome server.  I chose to do this for a couple of reasons: 1) Because some site-squatting jerkwads snagged rc-aero.com a while back and even usurped the old web site naming structure in order to hog off all the links that used to point back to my old pages and 2) Because I wanted to make all the old pictures and stuff available for folks to gawk at so that you can see how far things have come in 12 short years.

Disclaimer: All contact information, pricing information, and availability information on these pages is obsolete and completely unreliable.  Things may or may not work depending on how HTML and Java have changed over the years.  Also, any links whether shown on the links page or not are questionable at best if not absolutely useless out of hand.  If you want to get hold of me or buy my stuff, be sure to start at https://garrisonaerodrome.com

Anyway, the link to the old pages is here.  Enjoy your trip down memory lane.

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