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The Push-E Cat V.2

Winner of the 1998 Mid-America
Speed 400 All Up Last Down!

(Snicker, chuckle, guffaw! Some people still can't believe that.
But I've got the certificate to prove it.)

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Push-E Cat V2

The first production EPP electric!

Designed by Pat Mattes for Garrison Aerodrome, the Push-E Cat is an entry level Speed 400 class electric trainer/sport model constructed primarily of nearly indestructible EPP foam. The Push-E Cat builds quickly and the most exotic building materials required are Goop glue and 3M-77 spray adhesive.

Push-E Cats make excellent small field flyers since they can bash into obstacles without damaging themselves or the object. We regularly test fly planes in the field behind the shop. We always like to try hand catching, but if we miss, we just fly the plane into the fence row behind us. Also, corn stubble makes an excellent Push-E Cat arrestor hook system. Push-E Cat

With enough control throw, the Push-E Cat will do loops, snap rolls, and hammer head turns (especially hammer head turns). I have also attained sustained inverted flight, so it is possible.

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