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Push-E Cat
Push-E Cat EPP Trainer

Manufacturer of EPP and classic balsa model airplane kits.

Garrison Aerodrome is a designer, manufacturer, and retailer of radio controlled model aircraft. We specialize in fun, durable, and affordable models. Our goal is to push forward the limits of EPP and conventional technology in continuous pusuit of getting more and more fun out of our kits for our customers.

On this web site you can find a catalog of all the kits and packages we offer, as well as a fine selection of accessories to help you complete your model and keep it in the air.

We also sponsor an on-line classified service for R/C equipment. It's called the Swap-n-Shop and it's free for everyone, including businesses that want to put up banner ads! Check it out at

Positron Delta
Positron Delta Sport Plane
EPP Manx
EPP Manx Plank Flying Wing
EPP Hot Cat
EPP Hot Cat T-tail Sportster

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    Information about Garrison Aerodrome, and links to the homepages of Darwin Garrison

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    Pictures and information on upcoming Garrison Aerodrome products, and the opportunity to offer us your opinion on them.

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    Special deals on overstock, one of a kind, and sample items that we need to move out to make room in the shop.

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    Our on-line catalog lists our kit offerings and a variety of hard to find items that complement them.

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    A listing of all Garrison Aerodrome authorized dealers.

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