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Hot Cat

The Hot Cat is a high performance T-tail EPP electric. It is fast and maneuverable and a lot of fun to fly. Best of all, it's constructed of EPP and corrugated plastic just like the California combat slope soarers. The Hot Cat is directly related to the Manx, and every bit as durable. In fact, the airplane in all these pictures had been seriously bounced on its nose at the end of its first flight, and you'd never even know it.

The Hot Cat has some nice features that make it easy to live with, quick to build, and very durable.

First, the fuselage comes out of the box with a lot of internal shaping already done. The motor hole is pre-drilled and the battery bay is pre-routed. Some additional shaping and cutting has to be done, but the amount of work is much less than with other foamies.

Second, all the components are installed in such a way as to leave everything accessible for servicing or removal.

Third, the T-tail linkage is a cinch to set up. There's no complicated control horns or linkages, just a simple control cable with an L-bend in it. And it works so well you'll hardly believe it.

And finally, the structurally solid corrugated plastic keel on the bottom of the aircraft houses a hatch that runs the full length of the battery bay. An easily removed retainer rod allows instant access to your battery, receiver, and motor assembly through the battery bay. The cooling hole provides an easy way to open and close the hatch.

All this adds up to a plane that is easy to fly and easy to service. The controls are smooth and responsive. The Hot Cat, when set up with the proper control throws, is capable of doing Cuban 8's from level flight, no sweat. In fact, with its ease of assembly, good manners, fast speed, and great handling, the Hot Cat may just make an ideal one-design electric pylon or combat model.

Here's the statistics on the model:

  • Wing Span: 36 in.
  • Wing Area: 192
  • Airfoil: Eppler 182, straight taper planform
  • Weight: 20.5 oz.
  • Wing Loading: 15.375 oz/ sq. ft.
  • Power System: 6V Speed 400, 8x600 mAh NiCads, 5.5x4.5 prop.
  • Watts/Pound: approx. 80
  • Controls: Three channel operation on three servos. Aileron, elevator, Throttle(Requires mixing radio, ESC with BEC)
  • Designer: Darwin Garrison

Please see our catalog for information on kit prices and accessory packages.

Some additional views of the Hot Cat

Hot Cat Angle Head on view Linkage detail
Hatch retainer detail Tail closeup

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