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Designed by Pat Mattes of Mattes Models for Garrison Aerodrome, the Positron is an intermediate level Speed 400 class electric sport model constructed primarily of balsa sheet. The Positron builds quickly since the wing is flat and there are no ribs.

This plane is a delta flying wing and requires elevon mixing. Transmitter mixing is suggested. There is no airfoil - the wing is just 1/8 in. sheet balsa. The elevons are nominally reflexed 1/2 a sheet thickness. It is a fast flyer and not recommended for those without some aileron experience. Due to the small wing and light weight, it can really move out.

The Positron has had some improvements made to it since our first release. The cheesy latch for holding the batter bay down hase been replaced with a slick spring force retention system, and the instructions have been rewritten for more clarity during building. Also, the fuselage sides are now being laser cut instead of band sawn.

We have a slick, interactive 3-D wireframe of the Positron available. Here's the statistics for the plane:

  • Wing Span: 20.5 in.
  • Wing Area: 168
  • Airfoil: Flat plate, delta planform
  • Weight: 13-15 oz.
  • Wing Loading: 11-13 oz/ sq. ft.
  • Power System: 6V Speed 400, 8x600 mAh NiCads, 5.5x4.5 prop (Robbe 6x3.5 folder OK).
  • Watts/Pound: approx. 80
  • Controls: Elevon, Throttle(Requires mixing radio, ESC with BEC)
  • Designer: Pat Mattes

Some additional views of the Positron

Bay detail Bottom view of hatch Linkage detail
Top motor mounting detail Bottom motor mounting detail

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