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The Bob Wade Legacy Harbor Freight Cub

I wrote a somewhat lengthy Facebook post about this project and realized that I needed to drop it here, too. Finished up a “distraction project” from the Bob Wade legacy this afternoon. Apparently, Bob Wade had a go at converting … Continue reading

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Garrison Aerodrome Design Rule #1

All consumable components shall be serviceable without compromising the airframe integrity.

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Re-motoring the Ascent

My Ascent has been kind of a weird experience. For those who don’t know/remember, the Ascent was a Tower/somebody ARF with a built-up wing, holes in the wood sheet tail, fiberglass fuselage and probably tail boom (it’s painted and I’m … Continue reading

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Final Report – Flight of the S’Timmer

Well, the Skimmer rebuild saga is now officially over: The S’Timmer (T-tail Skimmer) had a wonderful and uneventful first flight this past Tuesday at the Lafayette Cloud Jockeys field Roll Call Tuesday gathering. The down thrust built into the nose … Continue reading

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Finishing Out the Skimmer (S’Timmer?)

Well, one last thing to do and done. The covering is complete. The receiver is bound. The servos set up. The motor spins in the correct direction. The hatch screw is replaced and secured. The battery floor is reattached. All … Continue reading

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Sweeping Up and Skimmer 400 Progress

As a follow on to my visit with the Lafayette Cloud Jockeys and a pending September trip to Iowa to attend the Sig Fly-In, I am attempting to get some things in order so that I have some planes to … Continue reading

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Old School, New School

The more things change… Yesterday, I had enough of being stuck in and around the Garrison Lodge and took it upon myself to head into town to get rid of some fluorescent bulbs, old NiCad batteries, hit Menards for some … Continue reading

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The Push-E Cat V5 Thread from RCGroups

The purpose of this post is to copy over the previous posts from RCGroups that I have made on on the Push-E Cat V5 design effort to my own blog. This is part of my effort to add meaningful content … Continue reading

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Where to begin?

In all honesty, it has been a strange journey these last nine years. Back in 2011, I was struggling to reboot Garrison Aerodrome since my job hunting had not yielded any kind of decent opportunity for me to re-enter the … Continue reading

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Yikes! Bit of a temporal offset here, but progress has been made…

Well, yeah. Sorry about that folks. Things at Che Garrison haven’t been as linear as I would have liked in the grand scheme of things. Believe it or not, however, I have actually made progress – to the point that … Continue reading

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