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About Darwin

Darwin is a mechanical engineer and author living in the Fort Wayne, Indiana area. He is also the owner of Garrison Aerodrome R/C Model Enterprises.

What I’ve been up to since the last post…

So, as you can see from the picture above, my Phlatprinter /// arrived from Phlatboyz right before Christmas, 2010.  This fact alone pretty much explains the delay in my updates to the blog and the lack of progress with the … Continue reading

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Note to self:

Install trailing edge CF reinforcements prior to laying on kraft paper composite – and skip the whole “clear Minwax polyurethane” thing. Yes, Virginia, I managed to re-create the whole V2 “scimitar wing” fiasco.  Shrinkage is a b***h.

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Placing domestic water fowl in linear formations

It’s driving me buggy, but I’m getting it done.  Slowly but surely I’m amassing the information I need to be able to lead a customer through the process of building an aileron Push-E Cat. If it was just me slapping … Continue reading

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End Stretch

Tick tock goes the clock and I’m running down the minutes until I actually begin shipping Push-E Cats again.  First clue that things are getting close is the cover page in the image shown at right, here.  Yes, Virginia, I … Continue reading

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Behold the old-schooly goodness…

Hey, Folks: As an FYI, I’ve uploaded the old, old Garrison Aerodrome web site to the new Garrison Aerodrome server.  I chose to do this for a couple of reasons: 1) Because some site-squatting jerkwads snagged a while back … Continue reading

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The “Lite” lamination process

So, yesterday I got it into my head to take pictures of how I’ve been applying the kraft paper laminate to the trailing edge of my latest prototype Push-E Cat wing build.  Then, having obtained the pictures, I got distracted … Continue reading

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The first official “Lite” trailing edge

As promised, tonight I’m sharing a picture of the latest prototype wing I’m working on.  This shot shows the final result of applying the kraft paper reinforcement to the trailing edge of a Push-E Cat V5 center section. As you … Continue reading

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V5 Push-E Cat News Update for December 5, 2010

Yeah, I’d put something catchier for the post title if I could actually come up with something pithy to say.  However, that would be oddly disrespectful to the amount of slog it has taken to get this model put together. … Continue reading

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Days Past, but Moving Forward

Welcome to the revived Garrison Aerodrome web portal! For those of you who don’t know, Garrison Aerodrome is the business persona of me, Darwin A. Garrison.  Back between 1998 and 2001, I put out the Push-E Cat, the Manx, the … Continue reading

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